Music and Art lover, a voracious reader who also goes to 2 or 3 live shows a month, big and small. Aim here is to share some of my knowledge and opinions about music, books, and anything else that may be of interest at the time. The books and music  found here will likely be items that don’t have readily available reviews elsewhere – doesn’t seem to make much sense to review the more mainstream stuff when so many other sites are doing that so well already. But you never know what might show up in this space. I’m kind of anxious to find out, myself.

Also, very much an optimist – some would say to fault. Always a “glass half full” outlook. There’s enough pessimism and cynicism available for mass consumption today without my adding to it. Let me know what YOU think.

Divided the Formative Years between Atlanta, GA and South Florida – mostly Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, but a stint in North Palm Beach, too. Came back to Atlanta masquerading as an adult and began the Great Marriott Tour of the American Southeast. Opened and managed hotels in Nashville, Norfolk and Baltimore before finally getting back to Atlanta a few years ago. Hotels were fun and a great learning experience for most of 20 years, but now glad to be doing other things.


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